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Delphi Tips for Windows >> Total Tips found: 52
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21. How to switch to Standby mode? (8552 Hits)
22. How to call the systemtime dialog? (6832 Hits)
23. How to hide the internet connection status from system tray? (6661 Hits)
24. How to restart the own program? (18627 Hits)
25. How to kill a task? (38490 Hits)
26. How to confine the mouse? (7279 Hits)
27. How to start the screensaver? (7423 Hits)
28. How to format a Win32 drive? (9493 Hits)
29. How to minimize all windows? (11525 Hits)
30. How to disable/enable/hide/show taskbar? (10041 Hits)
31. How to simulate the pressing of keyboard keys? (99488 Hits)
32. How to change the caption of other applications? (7602 Hits)
33. How to associate an application with a file extension? (8563 Hits)
34. How to empty recycle bin? (8117 Hits)
35. How to shutdown / reboot / logoff Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP? (14920 Hits)
36. How to send a windows message with SendMessage? (43092 Hits)
37. How to get handle and class name from the current mouse pos? (19499 Hits)
38. How to format date and time using the format given by a Format? (15546 Hits)
39. How to hide the application from tasklist (Ctrl+Alt+Del)? (9908 Hits)
40. How to open the start menu? (7364 Hits)
41. How to stop Windows from displaying critical error messages? (6978 Hits)
42. How to prevent Alt+F4? (10404 Hits)
43. How to suspend the PC? (7853 Hits)
44. How to hide the start button? (8693 Hits)
45. How to turn off the monitor? (10960 Hits)
46. How to hide a program from the taskbar? (8607 Hits)
47. How to delete an item from the SystemMenu? (6711 Hits)
48. How to show the format dialog? (6638 Hits)
49. How to use the registry? (8269 Hits)
50. How to enable and disable CD autorun? (7228 Hits)
51. How to show the find folder dialog? (8680 Hits)
52. How to control the windows task bar and the windows start button? (9681 Hits)
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