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Delphi Tips for System Information >> Total Tips found: 21
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1. How to get a list of installed services? (16590 Hits)
2. How to get info on memory usage from a given process? (19279 Hits)
3. How to get Windows Directory? (14855 Hits)
4. How to get the current drive letter? (14294 Hits)
5. How to get the Windows Version? (16356 Hits)
6. How to check if a partition is NTFS or FAT formated? (11121 Hits)
7. How to retrieve CPU information? (61445 Hits)
8. How to check if the user uses 24 hour format? (8045 Hits)
9. How to get the CPU Speed? (16810 Hits)
10. How to get process informations? (Windows NT/2000)? (16291 Hits)
11. How to get the time zone? (23940 Hits)
12. How to check if logged in as administrator? (NT/2000 only)? (10929 Hits)
13. How to set/retrieve the Computer Name? (17828 Hits)
14. How to get the current Username? (19513 Hits)
15. How to get the startmenu's directory ? (7889 Hits)
16. How to get windows, system, temporary directory? (52379 Hits)
17. How to get Windows uptime? (12557 Hits)
18. How to get the total and available memory? (17546 Hits)
19. How to get the drive type? (17265 Hits)
20. How to determinate in whitch way windows is started? (9090 Hits)
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