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Delphi Tips for Strings >> Total Tips found: 20
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1. How to create speakable random passwords? (18956 Hits)
2. How to scroll Application Title on TaskBar? (9006 Hits)
3. How to copy the current line of a Stringgrid into a TEdit? (8930 Hits)
4. How to count the number of occurrences of a substring within a string? (18348 Hits)
5. How to encrypt / decrypt passwords? (39454 Hits)
6. How to return the position of the last occurence of a substring in String? (13917 Hits)
7. How to extract numbers from a string? (17896 Hits)
8. How to format Seconds as (hh:mm:ss)? (12795 Hits)
9. How to highlight HTML-Tags in TRichEdit? (13727 Hits)
10. How to validate a float number? (20720 Hits)
11. How to show numbers with thousand separators? (13913 Hits)
12. How to use associative arrays? (11935 Hits)
13. How to check if a string is a valid date or time? (23300 Hits)
14. How to extract words out of a string? (18621 Hits)
15. How to check if a string is a valid floating-point number? (14129 Hits)
16. How to convert a number to a string with leading zeroes? (8316 Hits)
17. How to split text into words? (21993 Hits)
18. How to reverse a string? (15679 Hits)
19. How to check if a String is numeric? (34338 Hits)
20. How to know the Last Day of Month? (11601 Hits)
Page: [1]
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