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Delphi source code for Printing >> Detect Printer status

Category: Printing
Title: Detect Printer status
Date added: 15.03.2006
Hits: 18439

function TestPrinterStatus(LPTPort: Word): Byte;
  Status: byte;
  CheckLPT: word;
  Status := 0;
  if (LPTPort >= 1) and (LPTPort <= 3) then
    CheckLPT := LPTPort - 1;
      mov dx, CheckLPT;
      mov al, 0;
      mov ah, 2;
      int 17h;
      mov &Status, ah;
  Result := Status;
  Pass in the LPT port number you want to check & get the following back:
  01h - Timeout
  08h - I/O Error
  10h - Printer selected
  20h - Out of paper
  40h - Printer acknowledgement
  80h - Printer not busy (0 if busy)
function doesn't work under NT, it gives an access violation
  from the DOS interrupt call.

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