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Delphi Tips for Math >> Total Tips found: 17
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1. How to determine The circumcenter of 3 points? (9944 Hits)
2. How to determine if a 2D point exists within a 2D triangle? (7522 Hits)
3. How to determine the circum-center of a 2D triangle? (8282 Hits)
4. How to calculate the age of a person? (19709 Hits)
5. How to validate an IBAN? (12833 Hits)
6. How to convert a decimal number to roman numerals? (11447 Hits)
7. How to round numbers to a predetermined number of decimals? (16532 Hits)
8. How to convert an octal number to integer? (8799 Hits)
9. How to convert an Integer to an octal number? (8404 Hits)
10. How to get the number of the day in the year? (9159 Hits)
11. How to know if the Time is AM or PM? (7608 Hits)
12. How to convert a Binary Number into a Decimal Number? (25558 Hits)
13. How to convert a hexadecimal number into a binary number? (20680 Hits)
14. How to get the last day of the current month? (12038 Hits)
15. How to get the difference between 2 dates? (15077 Hits)
16. How to convert Hex codes to Integer? (23624 Hits)
17. How to decode a TDate type? (17386 Hits)
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