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1. How to validate e-mail address? (21206 Hits)
2. How to check if a String is a valid IP Address? (14239 Hits)
3. How to extract the domain (host) name from an e-mail address? (10840 Hits)
4. How to set the home page for the Internet Explorer? (8269 Hits)
5. How to get the IP from a given URL? (11676 Hits)
6. How to get a list of computers in a network? (23042 Hits)
7. How to download a webpage with a hidden IP? (11945 Hits)
8. How to get the URL from running Internet Explorer? (11310 Hits)
9. How to get the Internet Explorer typed urls? (7367 Hits)
10. How to delete the 'Temporary Internet Files'? (10509 Hits)
11. How to send a file from a TServerSocket to a TClientSocket? (23965 Hits)
12. How to download a file from Internet? (21583 Hits)
13. How to connect to the internet? (15823 Hits)
14. How to encode a HTTP URL? (24013 Hits)
15. How to check if Winsock is enabled? (8561 Hits)
16. How to get or set the startpage for the Internet Explorer? (7111 Hits)
17. How to get the kind of internet connection? (11357 Hits)
18. How to get Internet Explorer favourites? (7690 Hits)
19. How to get computer name from IP address? (27841 Hits)
20. How to get your own IP Address? (34080 Hits)
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