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Delphi source code for Graphic >> Get Bitmaps from Resource Files

Category: Graphic
Title: Get Bitmaps from Resource Files
Date added: 15.03.2006
Hits: 10015

procedure GetBitmapFromResource(const sRecourceName: PAnsiChar; const sDestFileName: string);
  BM = $4D42;  {Bitmap type identifier}
  Bmp: TBitmap;
  BMF: TBitmapFileHeader;
  HResInfo: THandle;
  MemHandle: THandle;
  mStream: TMemoryStream;
  ResPtr: PByte;
  BMF.bfType := BM;
  { Find, Load, and Lock the Resource containing BITMAP1 }
  HResInfo  := FindResource(HInstance, sRecourceName, RT_BITMAP);
  MemHandle := LoadResource(HInstance, HResInfo);
  ResPtr    := LockResource(MemHandle);
  { the header is lost, so will need to be recalculated,
    but lets be lazy and let TBitmap recreate the full header }

  mStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
    mStream.SetSize(SizeofResource(HInstance, HResInfo) + SizeOf(BMF));
    mStream.Write(BMF, SizeOf(BMF));
    mStream.Write(ResPtr^, SizeofResource(HInstance, HResInfo));
    mStream.Seek(0, 0);
    {Create the TBitmap and load the image from the MemoryStream}
    Bmp := TBitmap.Create;

{How to use:
GetBitmapFromResource('BITMAP_1', 'C:\img.bmp');

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