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1. How to change application icon at runtime? (19318 Hits)
2. How to copy part of one image to another? (28393 Hits)
3. How to get Bitmaps from Resource Files? (9942 Hits)
4. How to invert a 32 bit Bitmap? (10217 Hits)
5. How to easily load all kind of images (Gif, Ico, Jpeg and more) in a TImage? (27845 Hits)
6. How to move a cross in canvas to show X/Y values? (14841 Hits)
7. How to convert a bitmap to sepia or greyscale? (11683 Hits)
8. How to convert TGraphic descendant image to Bitmap? (13521 Hits)
9. How to convert a Bitmap to a JPEG and save it? (11265 Hits)
10. How to get the pixel color in a canvas on the mouse position? (18760 Hits)
11. How to convert JPEG to BMP? (25485 Hits)
12. How to read the main icon of a EXE-File? (10398 Hits)
13. How to write a transparent Text on a Timage? (17872 Hits)
14. How to convert a Bitmap to an Icon? (15567 Hits)
15. How to draw directly to the Desktop? (19213 Hits)
16. How to determine if two icons are equal? (7440 Hits)
17. How to determine if there is a bitmap in a Timage? (7908 Hits)
18. How to get a pixel color of the desktop? (14777 Hits)
19. How to draw a bitmap on the desktop? (11592 Hits)
20. How to tile a Timage? (11324 Hits)
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