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Delphi Tips for Files >> Total Tips found: 17
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1. How to use an Exe Internal Virtual File System @ RunTime? (16337 Hits)
2. How to get all information about file? (15774 Hits)
3. How to append one file to other? (13666 Hits)
4. How to delete all files within directory? (17596 Hits)
5. How to set or change file attributes? (16742 Hits)
6. How to shred and Delete files without any trace? (13510 Hits)
7. How to convert Short filenames to Long filenames? (8396 Hits)
8. How to get the version of a file? (30484 Hits)
9. How to add a file to the document menu? (7849 Hits)
10. How to get the last access from a file? (8230 Hits)
11. How to move a file in the recycle bin? (10077 Hits)
12. How to check if a path exists? (18303 Hits)
13. How to show the select directory dialog? (29821 Hits)
14. How to convert long filenames in short filenames? (9245 Hits)
15. How to detect changings of a directory? (9064 Hits)
16. How to find out total size of directory? (12455 Hits)
17. How to set date/time of the file? (10906 Hits)
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